Tuesday, April 7, 2015

IG plus size model, Nkem puts her massive cakes on display

Nkem is very popular on IG because of big behind and the way she flaunt them. She took to her page to post bikini pictures of her body and when peeps called her out for flaunting a stretch mark body, she said she doesn’t care. Take a look below! 

Popular Actress Monica, Shared Video Doing It in an uncompleted building (SEE PHOTOS)

Naija is now becoming another thing o, this pic of a Ebonyi woman in an uncompleted building was released few hours ago.

The woman in the picture decided to show all of her good things to the camera, Check out the pic below and let’s hope the video will also pop up...


I hated being pregnant,now I'm begging for it-Kim Kardashian considers a surrogate ..

Kim Kardashian could be forced to use a surrogate to carry her second baby because of a problem with her uterus.Her mother Kris Jenner suggests she should use Kourtney.
In a new episode of KUWTK.Fertility specialist Dr. Huang explained to Kim
You can still get pregnant, but it does expose you to risks during the pregnancy.
'If I can't guarantee that and surrogacy is the only way to give you a comfortable pregnancy and a nice healthy baby, we'll talk about that.I'm going to do everything I can to clean it out and keep your uterus as perfect as possible, but still do it safe to you.'
Kim told Kris, 
'To have a surrogate is really scary to me. I don't want one. I wouldn't dare ask anyone to do that for me.' 
'I complained so much about how much I hated being pregnant and I never thought I would be begging to be pregnant,'Trying for baby number two is not fun like baby number one. I'm like ‘'I'm ovulating in five minutes, get over here''.
'It's crazy because I had such an easy delivery, but right after you deliver the baby lives in this sac – the placenta – then you kind of give birth to that and it just kind of comes out. Mine went right back in me because it was stuck to a part of my uterus that it grew into.
When Kendall suggested a surrogate,Kim answered..
'What if they're like a lunatic? I'm going to have to have security around them. What if they run off with my baby and go raise my baby in a different country? I would only do that if I couldn't carry another one.
Culled from E!

Naija Babe Ella Flaunts Her Massive Oranges

If you don't know who Ella is then you are sitting on a very long thing. Check out more photos below:


 Check out the video and rate these ladies.They got crazy twerking styles.

Watch Below

Outrage as Miss Bum Bum Brazil Poses N'ak€d in 'Virgin Mary'Paint & Prays (Photos)

Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014,23-year-old Indianara Carvalhois is under fire for posing N'ak€d in virgin mary paint and posting a religious message 

"Good Friday. Lord, on this day I ask for peace, love, wisdom and strength.I want to look at the world through the eyes of love, I want to be patient, understanding, gentle and wise."I want to see beyond human appearances, to see children as the Lord sees them and I only want to praise the good and wish peace for everyone!"Father, protect my ears from all evils and watch my steps on the path to truth.May your blessings fill my spirit and my heart, which is so kind and cheerful … Feel your sweet and gentle presence … I am your grace."

Her followers slammed her for being profane and mixing it with religion

SHAMEFUL ACT---Women Caught In Hotel Cheating On Their Husband With Younger Boys--WATCH VIDEO

This is so shocking,after a group of women in Kenyan were caught in hotel room with young boys, and this will point to the fact that there is nothing you can really do to satisfy humans.

If a man does not have money or good job, he won't see any cute or beautiful woman to marry him.

Now that is there good job and the money is flying in , these ladies are seeking for another which is so much attention and when they don't get it 100 percent they seek for it else where not minding the implications.

The ladies in the below video are women who husbands are well to do, but because their husbands usually travel's for biz trip and by so doing they really don't spend time with their wives.

These ladies decided go seek the help of young boys to satisfy their se-xual urge.