Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photos: Dangote, Abdulsalam, Tambuwal, others with Buhari in Abuja

Africa's richest man don reach there already....lol. Buhari pictured speaking with Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar. Aliko Dangote, Primate Nicholas Owoh, Tambuwal, Osinbajo, Chris Ngige and others are around Nigeria's president-elect at their APC office in Abuja this evening. More photos after the cut...

Atiku Abubakar congratulates Gen. Buhari on his victory

Che former Vice President wrote a congratulatory message to Buhari which he shared on Facebook. See it below...
My hearty congratulations to His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari, for being elected the next president of our beloved county, Nigeria. You have led our party, the All Progressives Congress to an unprecedented victory within two years of it’s official formation, and in so doing, written the most important chapter of our democracy.
The great Nnamdi Azikiwe once wrote that “history will continue to vindicate the just”. Your victory in the polls, with votes from across the length and breadth of our country, bears witness to the acceptance of not just our party, the APC, but also your ideology of justice, fair play and zero tolerance for corruption as the bedrock for national rebirth.

At this historic moment, it is most important to say a hearty thank you to every Nigerian who voted for the APC. Your votes have not just elected the first opposition party into federal power, but has also set a precedent which will have positive implications for democracy across Africa.

Dear GMB, the journey has just begun. Millions of Nigerians have put their trust in you, because they were not satisfied with the status quo. You represent the hope of a new generation of Nigerians, and you cannot afford to fail them. Our party has made a promise of change to our young people, to secure and rebuild our country, create jobs and opportunity, and improve citizens’ welfare. We will stand behind you to ensure we keep those promises, just like we did during these elections.

Our country needs a new direction. We have voted for you, and our party won the election, but when you assume our highest office, you must become the president of not just the APC, but all of Nigeria, including the people who did not vote for you. We look up to you to heal the fractures of our country, and truly unite this country like never before.

To President Jonathan, I want to specially thank you for conducting a historic election. Your party may have lost the elections, but you have won the admiration of the world by not interfering with the wishes of Nigerians. History will be kind to you.

It is my sincere hope that we will all come together as one country, to build the Nigeria of our dreams.
God bless Nigeria.

Photos: Jubilation at APC headquarters in Abuja

APC supporters pictured above celebrating at the party's headquarters in Abuja this evening in anticipation of INEC's announcement later today

Chude Jideonwo says GEJ has called Buhari to congratulate him on his victory

The commission will reconvene around 8pm to give us the result for the last state remaining - Borno, but as it stands, it looks like Nigeria now has a new president. Debola Williams and Chude Jideonwo who work with Gen. Buhari claim GEJ has called to congratulate Buhari over the election results.

Is It True That Psquare killed thier father to promote thier new album " Double Trouble " [Must Read]

Is It True That Psquare killed thier father to promote thier new album " Double Trouble " [Must Read] There is something really fishy going on at the music industry and one can tell by the look of things. The Music Industry is now becoming a political ground and everyone in the game wants to be untop and most of them end up joining occultic group's such as the illuminati and the dorrobucci's.. Is It True That Psquare killed thier father to promote thier new album If this is the first time of you hearing about the death of psquare's dad, then read on. There is a wide spread rumour and belief that Psquare sacrificed thier dad to gain more popularity, renew thier money and promote thier album! Could this be true??? Well, nollylovers.com is almost convienced. We gat say this out according to what we have experienced. The Invasion which was the fifth studio album by Nigerian duo P-Square, was released July, 29, 2011. And after the release of this album, take a look at what happened:- * Mrs Josephine Okoye thier mother passed away late Wednesday, 11th July 2012 and that was when thier album began selling. * It was also thier first time of featuring with two american artist { Akon & Rick Ross } whom people know to be illuminati bosses.. Now, On the 22nd of sept. 2014 they both brothers came up with another album " Double Trouble " which is also currently making wave. Now take a close look at what happened:- * Mr. Engees Okoye thier father passed away on Monday, November 24, 2014, 2 months after the album release. * This time around featured A senior american rapper T.I on eje ajo. Lolz, i dont need to tell you about T.I let me just keep the remaining space for you to share your thoughts..

Someone please explain this to the rest of us...(photo)

What is going on here? Found the photo on Twitter...

Monday, March 30, 2015

See The Remaining States That Will Decide The Winner Of The Presidential Election

some_text APC WINNING WITH 2,032,226 Margin. STATES LEFT NORTH CENTRAL: Niger NORTH EAST: Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, Yobe NORTH WEST: Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara SOUTH EAST: Ebonyi SOUTH-SOUTH: Bayelsa, Crossriver, Delta, Edo, Rivers SOUTH WEST: Lagos

Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To The Presidential Election Results From Enugu

some_text See Patrick Obahiagbon’s reaction on Twitter after the announcement of the results where the PDP emerged with a landslide victory. See tweets below:- some_text

Olamide Is Pushing His Luck Too Far With 5 Albums At-A-Go – Brain

some_text This is an Exclusive Interview with Brain What’s been happening to Brain? I’m good. I just dropped two videos “Gaara” and “Olosho (OT Genasis – CoCo cover). And I’ve been doing media promotions for the singles. I’m also working on songs for my debut EP – The Statement as well. When do we expect the EP dropping? The EP should be dropping by the third quarter of the year. Why ‘The Statement’ for the EP title? Yeah, I’m making a statement with the songs on the EP. I just want to show people that good music is still alive unlike people’s perspective that young Nigerian artistes are just making noise. I intend to showcase good songs whose lyrics are deep and laced with meaning no matter the sound. Who are your favourite Nigerian rapper? I’m a big fan of Mode 9, Vector, Phyno and Olamide. Though Badoo seems to be pushing his luck too far these days. How do you mean? No hard feelings. Olamide Is quite good but I have issues with the frequency he drops songs and not allowing songs to sink into people before dropping another. I heard he said he’s dropping 5 albums this year. I wonder how could that be possible when an album will have at least 12 tracks, that’s like average of 60 songs in total. I don’t know the magic Badoo wants to perform with that. Aside that, he’s dope. Who’s the international act you will like to work with? A whole lot. I will love to work with Will.I.Am. He’s quite talented and versatile. How will you describe the Nigerian music industry? The industry is sure finding it’s feet despite the fact that we have no concrete structure in place and no infrastructure to support the industry. All the same, Nigerian artistes are carving a niche for themselves in Africa and globally. What makes you do the Olosho single? I’m only fooling around and it’s just a cover of the popular hit song, ‘Coco’. Just wanting to make it local and have fun. Brain and the chics. Yeah, the chics keep the industry going. They’re our biggest fans and I do hold them in high esteem. I’m working on a tight song for the cream chics (you heard it first) and it might be my next single, and will surely be on the EP. Last words for you fans. I really appreciate them and thank them for all the love and supports so far. They should look out for more hit songs and videos I will be dropping this year.

Photos Of APC Supporters Jubilating Waiting For Buhari To Be Announced As Winner

some_text Photos Of APC Supporters Jubilating Waiting For Buhari To Be Announced As Winner

Very Funny:- Everybody Is Busy Talking Election But None Of You Noticed This…….

some_text Everybody was busy talking about election, PDP vs APC but nobody seems to notice and understand that the thickness of VIJU milk is getting lighter Tin Tomato no dey full again….. MTN 10mb no dey reach 24hrs again… Fish no dey inside geisha again ooo… Okro no dey draw again…. Close Up toothpaste no dey full again… Raid no dey kill mosquito again …….. Abeg oooo make una leave election and focus on matters that concern us..

SEE How PDP Rigged The Election In Rivers State Openly [See Photos]

some_text This photo has a clear date, time and you can see the new colour coded INEC ballot papers on a open field. According to the source, this is “open thumb printing inside police station in Gokana” in Rivers. INEC said they had already received petition on the madness that took place in Rivers State in the name of election on Saturday and that there are many reports of “alleged malpractices”. So, watch out! Rigging details against PDP have also emerged from Akwa Ibom State. See Details Below:- some_textAt a press conference on Sunday, Umana Okon Umana, the Akwa Ibom governorship candidate of the APC, showed thousands of ballot papers that voters actually cast for his party in Ibesikpo local government area, but which were isolated and thrown away by rogue INEC staff in collusion with officials of the PDP in the state. The discarded ballots, which were just for the Ibesikpo local government area alone, offered an indication of the depth of electoral malpractice that characterized the polls in the state on Saturday.

#NigeriaDecides-INEC Official 2015 Presidential Election Results(cont'd)

The continuation of INECs declaration of the presidential elections has begun...If you missed the first 9 states check below...In total,results from 18 states and the federal capital =19

APC-10 States
PDP-9 states

APC-8,520,436 votes
PDP - 6,488,210 votes



PDP: 559,185
APC: 133,253
AA: 533
ACPN: 956
ADC: 1617
APA: 2236
CPP: 733
HOPE: 157
KOWA: 158
NCP: 784
UPP: 1917









APC - 146,399




APC - 308,290
PDP - 207,950


APC - 264,851
PDP - 149,987



Rihanna reacts to rumoured hookup with Leonardo DiCaprio

Rihanna has finally responded to rumours she's hooking up with Leonardo DiCaprio..In a new interview with Hello! magazine, the 27-year-old chart-topper dismissed speculation that she's dating the 40 year old actor..
When asked by her interviewer 'how does Rihanna DiCaprio sound to you?' Rihanna responded:
 'It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time.''I’m so busy right now that I just don’t have a lot of time to offer to a man so it wouldn’t even be fair to be thinking of pulling somebody else into this life.But if I did, he would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared.'

Nigeria has never witnessed such free & fair elections as that under Jonathan-Reno Omokri

The Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media just tweeted...

Patrick Obahiagbon says the PDP Enugu election score is a 'fallaciloquence'

The PDP won in Enugu state by landslide victory 553,003 votes to APC's 14.157..

Prophet TB Joshua Prophesy The Death of a Top Politician

Prophet T.B. Joshua, has revealed some things that will happen soon after the elections in Nigeria.
Speaking to his congregation on Sunday, March 29, 2015, the prophet said, he is seeing the death of a prominent politician due to ‘heated up’ politics in the wake of the closely fought Nigerian elections.

“I am seeing Nigerians heating up politics.

“They will heat up politics and a great man among the politicians will likely lose his life… I am seeing this kind of thing happening in the night.
“Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week and next week, make sure you fast and pray.”

Joshua stated this just before the close of his church service at 7pm in a message broadcast live via Christian television station Emmanuel TV.
He urged members of his congregation to remain prayerful on those specified days so as to save souls.

He urged his congregants to avoid violence, and not allow themselves be used by politicians to cause bloodshed, while adding that do or die is not politics.

The man of God said: “There is a difference between your faith and politics.

“Don’t play politics as if it is your faith. ‘Do or die’ is not politics. Politics is a game. When you lose, you say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’; when you win, you say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’.

“Your future and the future of this nation – Jesus will ask you to give account. What we are doing now is for generations yet unborn. Don’t trade this future for money, thuggery or corruption.”

T.B. Joshua also predicted that an international terrorist will be captured.

“A criminal they have been looking for, for many years, who has been terrorising the world – I am seeing him being caught and displayed to the world on international media,”  he announced.

Before the elections, the cleric had warned Nigerians to be aware of fake political party people, saying he foresees a plane crash.

Pastor T.B. Joshua is famous both in Nigeria and abroad for his religious activities. He performs miracles and conducts deliverance. The cleric also makes predictions about events that will take place on the national and international stage.

Nigeria Elections 2015: Presidential results announced (Live Updates)

Ekiti State
APC: 120331

Ogun State
APC: 308290
PDP: 207950

Enugu State
APC: 14157
PDP: 553003

Kogi State
APC: 264851
PDP: 149987

Osun State
APC: 383603
PDP: 249929

Ondo State
APC: 299889
PDP: 251368

APC: 146,399
PDP: 157195

APC: 528,620
PDP: 303,376

APC: 236,838
PDP: 273,460

Refresh to view more as it comes our way…!
"We will allow sufficient time for the others to come so we'll have more results. I suggest we convene at 8pm"- Jega

Tonto Dikeh sends motivational message to fans

What the actress shared on her instagram page this morning. Very encouraging. Read below...

As you read this, remember you have a warm bed and a cooked meal at home. Everyone wants to be happy, so pay attention. Acknowledge that happiness is not quantified by materialism. I know many people who are reading this right now aren't happy with their lives. I used to think that when I have a nice car and a lot of money I would be happy. Yet on my journey I have met hundreds of people with all of these things, yet none of the happiness. If your bank balance outweighs your sense of purpose, or your only sense of purpose is working to achieve a greater bank balance, you will struggle to find happiness
Some guidelines for happiness I wrote down. Appreciate what you have, gaining more won't make you happy if you aren't happy with what you already have. Live in the moment, don't video everything you see, take it in whilst it is happening, then relive the memories forever. You were there but looking at a phone screen...? Give more than you receive, be it your time, money, gifts, love and laughs. When you give someone your best, the best comes out of you. Stop worrying about your future! Your future is going to happen, it is yours to happen to. If you want something then work towards it, but make sure you are happy on the way there. We are all going to die, concentrate on living. Don't practice escapism because you are unhappy with your reality, be real, keep level headed and make sense of your life. Being high or drunk all the time is a problem, nobody wants to be ill or crazy or both! Life is a journey not a destination, you never want to get too comfortable, comfort is where you put on weight, get slow, become bored. I'm not saying throw yourself out of a plane, but you should try to do something that scares you now and again. Don't worry to much what other people are doing, they are on their own journeys, enjoy yours, try not to compare your behind the scenes life to someone else's highlight reel. Bling from the inside out, not the outside in, as it doesn't work the other way round. What's in your heart and head shines brighter than what's on your wrist and neck. Love your work, this will be a big part of your life.

Meet the great grandmothers who watch porn & sleep with hundreds of men

An 80-year-old woman known as the ‘Gang Bang Queen’ has revealed she has slept with more than 1,000 men and starred in a number of porn films.

Shirley Andrews (pictured right) is one of a number of ‘super cougars’ who proudly boast about their active sex lives with hundreds of young men – some of who are less than a quarter their age. Despite living in an old people’s complex, Shirley boasts that she regularly has sex with men as young as 18 – in between knitting and crochet. The woman on the left is 92-year-old great-granny named Marge.

FFK says PDP is ahead in the presidential elections by at least 2/3 million votes

Press statement from the director of Media and publicity, PDP presidential campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode
We wish to take this opportunity to make it clear to the Nigerian public that according to the figures made available to us, we are ahead in the presidential elections by at least two to three million votes.
We have our own Situation Room and we have collated all our figures from the various polling booths, wards, local government areas and states in the Federation.

Despite the propaganda of the opposition, we are confident of victory.  They and all other stakeholders can be rest assured that we will accept nothing less than the announcement of an election result that is truthful and that reflects the true will of the Nigerian people.

Any attempt to manipulate figures or to rig us out from any quarter will be firmly resisted.

I thank you for your attention.

Graphic pics: man shot dead as violence breaks out at INEC office in Bauchi

The man in the photo above was allegedly shot dead by a soldier this morning at Bauchi's INEC Office after the military tried to gain access into the office. Residents of the state had blocked the military from entering the office as results were being collated and this sparked the violence. The residents had held a vigil outside the INEC office to await the announcement of last Saturday's election when the military showed up. Another man was hit by a stray bullet. See the photos after the cut...

Pics: PDP House of Reps aspirant allegedly caught with 4000 PVCs in Enugu

Dr Chukwuemeka Ujam pictured here was a PDP House of Representative aspirant in the just concluded 2015 elections. The former Commissioner for Land in Enugu State contested for the Nkanu East/West seat. He was allegedly caught with 4000 PVCs in Enugu yesterday by the military, who paraded him. More photos after the cut...

Obanikoro congratulates Jonathan ahead of his 'expectant vicory

Hmmm....we await the results!

Dino Melaye wins senatorial election

Former House of Reps member, Dino Melaye has won the Kogi West Senatorial election in Kogi state. An elated Dino took to twitter to share the news of his victory.

Photos: Buhari arrives Abuja to await declaration of results by INEC

Buhari pictured arriving Abuja this morning to await the announcement of the results of Saturday's general election by INEC.

Kylie Jenner shows off bikini body on instagram (photo)

I'm sure a lot of men can't till she's 18. More pics after the cut...

Governors of Abia and Akwa Ibom states win Senatorial elections

Governor Godswill Akpabio of AkwaIbom state and his Abia state counterpart, Theodore Orji won their senatorial contests in Saturday's election.

Gov Akpabio polled a total of 422,009 to defeat APC's Inibehe Okorie who had 15, 152 votes. Gov Orji pulled a total of 46,070 votes to win Ahamdi Nweke of APGA who pulled 10,204 votes. While Governor Akpabio would represent Akwa Ibom north east senatorial district in the next Senate Assembly, Governor Orji would be representing Abia central Senatorial zone.

Photos: Women in Rivers state protest Saturday's election

Women in Rivers state took to the streets this morning to protest the conduct of the election in the state on Saturday March 28th. The women who wore black walked through Aba road towards INEC office to register their displeasure, alleging that there were some irregularities during the election.

Dear AQB readers: Why can't men send nudes?

From a female AQB reader;

Hi LIB family, I am Jane, and I'd like to understand certain things. So many times I've been in relationships and after few months, sometimes just weeks, and sometimes just days, men start demanding for nude pictures. I'll never forget the first time a man I dated asked for 'sexy' pictures. I just took some really sexy pictures with my clothes on. In my mind I had done something I felt he'd appreciate,  next ping I saw was "baby thanks for the pictures but why do you still have your clothes on?" Then reluctantly,  I pulled the top off and showed my bra...and then he sent a smiley face and said "take off your shorts pleeeaaassse,  or better still take off the everything". Then coz I was stupid and young and trying to keep my man, I sent him nudes. Now am older and more experienced in dating and I've realized that women do really silly things in a bit to keep their men.
Recently I decided to take some chill from being in any relationship and just allow different men ask me out, I've refused to sleep with anyone or do any silly thing I've done in the past, I've decided to also put demands on these men. Currently I have 3 men asking me out, one of which has known me for over 10 years since I was 15. Just as I expected they've all asked for nudes, and I asked for nudes also. One of them said that there's nothing sexy for me to see, and I replied you can show me your d***k, then he said he has never sent any lady nudes and in fact no lady had ever asked him for nudes, I told him that he should start with me, he should go to his bathroom and be creative coz that's the same thing he expects from me. He got really mad and didn't speak to me for days, later he started talking and acting like all was well again. He hasn't asked me for nudes again coz I told him that I'd send if he sends first. None of these men sent the nudes and have stopped asking me for nudes coz each time they ask, I also request for mine.
So my question for men is why can't you send nudes? Buh you want nudes..do you know that the ladies (responsible ones) also find it difficult to actually send these pictures?

Buhari wins in Jigawa and Kogi States

APC Presidential candidate, Gen Buhari has been declared winner of the presidential election in Kogi state. The Kogi INEC Collation Officer Prof. Adikwu Michael while making the announcement at the state's secretariat in Lokoja this morning said Buhari pulled 264,851 votes out of the 439,287 votes that was cast in the state. President Jonathan pulled 149,987 votes. Gen Buhari won in 15 of the 21 LGAs of the state while President Jonathan won in 6 LGAs. In terms of percentage, Gen Buhari had 60.3% votes while President Jonathan had 34.1% votes.

Meanwhile, Buhari has also been declared the winner of the Presidential election in Jigawa state. The INEC returning officer, Professor James Ayatsa who is the Vice Chancellor of Federal University Katsina announced his victory and said Gen. Buhari pulled a total of 885, 988 votes while President  Jonathan pulled a total of 143, 904 votes.

Senator Bukola Saraki returns to Senate

INEC Nigeria declares Bukola Saraki winner Kwara Central Senatorial District to return as Senator. Total votes 195,304 Total valid votes 187,585. APC votes 118,879. PDP 66,864.

Photo of the female INEC staff who died in bike accident in Benue

On Saturday, I told you guys about a female INEC ad-hoc staff who died after the bike she was riding in was involved in an accident. (Read here). New details have emerged about the accident. The name of the lady who lost her life is Blessing Agidi Ode (pictured above) a 200l student of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

And contrary to reports, the bike rider didn't die. He, like the lady, was also an INEC Ad-hoc staff. He is receiving treatment but in critical condition. The neck handle of the bike removed while on top speed. See photo from the scene of accident and the survivor in hospital after the cut...