Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm yet to see somebody luckier than me-President Jonathan

Today April 5th,President Goodluck Jonathan  looked back at his years of service from being the deputy governor of his home state, Bayelsa, to when he became the country’s President..

Jonathan spoke while receiving residents of the Federal Capital Territory who were led by Vice President Namadi Sambo to pay him Easter homage at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.He said he is yet to see anyone lukier than him and he thanks Nigerians for the privilege..
“For me as an individual, this Easter coincides with the time I am leaving but I always say that I am one of the luckiest Nigerians. I am yet to see somebody luckier than me.

“From 1999, I was in the hands of government for 16 years. Not just in government as a parliamentarian because if you are a Senator or House of Representatives member, you take care of yourself, you live in your own house.

“I was in a cage, being taken care of by the government. From May 29, 1999 to date; 16 good years. I think it is enough and I am happy, help me to thank God for that.“I will continue to thank Nigerians for giving me that privilege. I became a deputy governor because Bayelsans voted for me and my governor then. I became a Vice President because Nigerians voted for Yar’Adua and myself.“I continued in 2011 because Nigerians voted for me and Architect Namadi Sambo. I have to thank all Nigerians. Wherever I will be, I will remain grateful to this great country. Today is a glorious day for me.”
Jonathan said Easter, being a period of sacrifice, Nigerians should be ready to make sacrifice for the survival of the government irrespective of who is the President at a given time.
He said those countries who leaders  succeeded achieved such success because of the sacrifice of its people.
“As a people, as a government what I always believe ‎we should ask is what sacrifice are you making? Now it is not about supporting Jonathan or government, now Buhari is coming on board, it is not about supporting Buhari or his government but what sacrifice as an individual are you willing to make for government and for the nation?
“Nation building depends on the  sacrifice of individuals  and the patriotism of the citizens. These are two key elements, we must be ready to sacrifice for our nation.
“If you are a businessman and you say you are supporting government but you don’t pay tax, how do you expect that government to survive? That government will not survive.
“To me whenever I travel to different countries and see things work, those things didn’t fall down as manna people made sacrifice, therefore in Nigeria people must also be ready to make the required sacrifice. Whoever becomes president is immaterial ‎so long as the citizens are happy. Our children go to school, when we are sick they go to  good hospital and of course the economy blossoms”


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