Monday, April 6, 2015

Nigerians In Malaysia, You Need To Come See This

This is the only picture i could grab from the video

I got this as a comment on one of our posts from a blog reader with the username 'Vivi nana', and i decided to check it out... It is a video posted on Facebook showing a man allegedly in a Malaysian hospital,  that looked like he was dead. He was surrounded obviously by his friends who were complaining in Igbo language about how he was neglected and left to die, because he was black/Nigerian.. You could also hear a man shouting in Igbo language, saying:
"Wickedness upon wickedness... That is what we are facing here, in Malaysia... we were playing football and he fell.. We brought him to the hospital, and they just ignored us"
At a point, the man started pleading with the dead man saying:
"My brother, please get up... you know we do not have anybody here in this country, but ourselves"
Now, i didn't really get the full gist and i do not want to make assumptions, thats why i am calling all Nigerians staying in Malaysia and Vivi nani to please verify this video and shed a little light of what may have happened to this young man.
Someone even made some serious allegations in the comment session against the hospital.... The person alleged that he was purposely left there to die, so that, they can harvest his kidney, as it is becoming a usual practice in Malaysia... This is truly a sad video

Click the link to see the video

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