Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rev. Fr. Mbaka prays specially for buhari

Rev. Fr. Mbaka
Rev. Fr. Mbaka
Rev. Fr. Mbaka has sent a congratulatory message to General Buhari through his spokesman Maximus Ugwuoke. In a statement released to the press, his spokesman said:
“It is with vindictive joy and glory to God that the Adoration Ministry, the nation and indeed the world saw the fulfillment of Fr. Mbaka’s New Year prophesy of change with the miraculous, victorious emergence of General Muhammed Buhari at the March 28th polls as the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.We wish to restate that before President Goodluck became the President of this country, Fr. Mbaka prophesied it in his message titled ‘Okolo.’
Today again, Buhari’s victory, among other lessons it portends to Nigerians, has once more confirmed to all and sundry that Fr. Mbaka is indeed a true Prophet of God and that his New Year message was indeed from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit as he declared.”
The Rev. Fr. also advised Buhari to avoid the same mistake Jonathan made by surrounding himself with the wrong people. He also said he will be the first to condemn Buhari if he fails to live up to expectations.
The clergy man through his media spokesperson prayed that “God will give Buhari wisdom not to surround himself with wrong people – that was the major problem Jonathan’s administration faced.
Fr. Mbaka has advocated that Nigerians should be patient with Buhari because the holes dug in the country are too much – holes of corruption, holes of unemployment, among others.”

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